A lost Gem

As a kid I would visit New York fairly frequently and at an early age I had a great appreciation for skyscrapers (who would have guessed). The Singer Tower which became my early favorite was going to be my main photo stop with a new camera in early 1968. I didn’t exactly know where the building was located at the time but I knew it was gone after hiking around the lower west side for an hour or more. What a letdown! In my opinion the demolition of this icon of early industrial America was the biggest intentional loss of Architecture ever. The images that follow are my small testament to My Favorite Skyscraper.

Photo credits: Souvenir replicas, Microcosms, Boym Studios, InFocusTech. Historic pictures and Post Cards, From A history of the Singer building construction, its progress from foundation to flag pole (1908), 1906 Post Card John McQueen, Irving Underhill, Detroit Publishing,

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