A milestone has been reached!

We at

have just produced our

1000th unique model.

To commemorate this event we have reproduced our 1st model using our present day process. Allentown’s PP&L building will be produced in a limited run of 50 numbered and signed pieces.

The new model stands 5″ tall with a foot print of  2-5/8″ x 2″.

How it all started.

Back in 1999 while my 7 year old son Jon and I were surfing ebay, a discovery was made. We observed a group of people buying and selling miniature souvenir replica buildings on a regular basis. As a lifetime fan of the Skyscraper and a mildly artistic fellow I decided to try making a replica of our local icon. The master model was made from balsa wood and polystyrene plastic parts frequently used in model railroading. It was crude and caused the mold to prematurely self destruct after yielding only 19 castings. It did capture the essence of the building and was enough of a success to keep us making more models.

#1001 is in the works.

While supplies last, you can get one here:   Our 1000th Model