Now there’s a collection!

building in 110 fifth

No, this is not the main office display of InFocusTech (we wish it were) it is the New York office of Real Capital Analytics. Longtime customer of InFocusTech, CEO, and founder, Bob White has a love for miniature Architecture that rivals my own. Bob’s first order with us back in 2008 was so large that I didn’t want to trust a carrier to make the delivery. My son, a friend, and I drove the order over to the Flatiron District. I circled the block (that parking thing again) while Roger and Mike hauled the collection up to the 5th floor. Bob has been a regular customer and friend (he hired my son Jon for an internship a few summers ago) ever since.

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This beautiful display resides in the historic Judge building. So named as the home of Judge Magazine, a weekly satirical published from 1881 – 1947. The building was completed in 1888 and expanded vertically in 1903 by three floors.Img_7517

 The back of our replica showing the original facade.




The Judge Building c 1893