PPG Place


A 40-story castle made of glass, specifically 19,750 pieces of glass, can be found in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Regarded by many as the “crown jewel in Pittsburgh’s skyline”, One PPG Place represents a unique style by combining neo-gothic and modern architecture to form a truly inimitable skyscraper. One PPG belongs to a complex of six buildings, all of the same design, which sits on six city blocks. This massive multiplex was designed by Philip Johnson and John Burgee whose design was inspired in part by the Cathedral of Learning and the Allegheny County Courthouse, both  located in Pittsburgh, as well as London’s Victoria Tower.


One PPG Place stands 635’ with 40 floors and occupies half of the complex.PPg-place-perspective Buildings Two through Five all rise 6 stories while building Six rises14 stories. The entire site features 231 spires and an ice skating rink that has become a popular attraction for the city of Pittsburgh during the holiday season.  PPG Place is energy efficient in that heat is reflected away from the building in the summer and infrared heat is reflected and contained inside the buildings during the winter all due to is reflective silver glass exterior. ppg-place-souvenir building

Replicating the entire complex of PPG Place was possible but we felt the tower best represented the site plus it would have been a massive souvenir building. There are two miniature buildings of PPG Place that we’ve (InFocusTech) created, a 1 inch = 100 feet and a 1 inch = 150 feet scale models. The 100 scale stands 6-3/4 inches tall while the 150 scale stands 4-5/8 inches tall.

ppg-place-front ppg-place-top-1 ppg-place-back ppg-place-entrance

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