Williams Tower

williams-tower-2 Standing tall in uptown Houston is the fourth tallest building in Texas, the Williams Tower. Williams Tower, or formerly Transco Tower, rests outside of Houston’s central business district at 901 feet tall. Being separate from the downtown area where thtransco-tower-1e JP Morgan Chase Tower and Wells Fargo Plaza are located really enables Williams Tower to stand out by itself in the Houston skyline. This tower is another work of Philip Johnson along with John Burgee in association with Morris-Aubry Architects that was built in 1983.

Williams Tower currently is the 22nd tallest building in the U.S. and 80th tallest in the world. The tower consists of a steel frame covered in dwilliams-tower-top-1ark blue glass rising 64 floors. Sitting atop this skyscraper is a 7,000-watt beacon, which rotates and can be seen forty miles away on a clear night. The 51st floor of Williams Tower was formerly the observation deck and sky lobby, but since has been closed due to security precautions. A really unique feature to this skyscraper is that it’s actually two towers. The towers are stacked on top of each other both having their own lobbies and elevators. williams-tower-bottom-2

The “skyscraper of the century”, as named by the Texas Monthly Magazine in 1999, clearly has been inspired by Art Deco design. As fans of art deco skyscrapers and designs, Williams Tower inspired us (InFocusTech) to create a replica building of this extraordinary tower. This mini building stands 6-3/8 inches tall and the model’s scale is 1 inch = 150 feet.

williams-tower-side-2 williams-tower-side-1 transco-tower-2

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