February Replica Buildings

This month we have a group of new replicas coming out representing buildings from New York, Rhode Island and Canada.


1 Centre Street- 100’ Scale

1 Centre Street- 150’ Scale

Chateau Frontenac- 100’ Scale

Chateau Frontenac- 150’ Scale

U.S. Courthouse- 100’ Scale

United Nations Headquarters- 150’ Scale

Industrial Trust- 100’ Scale

Industrial Trust- 150’ Scale

Sun Tower- 75’ Scale

Sun Tower- 100’ Scale

Sun Tower- 150’ Scale




1-centre-street-manhattan-municipal-building-replicas-souvenirs-100-150 chateau-frontenac-replicas-souvenirs-100-150 industrial-trust-building-replicas-souvenirs-100-150 sun-tower-souvenirs-replicas-100-150-75

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