The Beresford

The Beresford is located at 211 Central Park West and has been the home of many famous people over the years. Jerry Seinfeld, Meyer Lansky, Rock Hudson, Dianna Ross, John McEnroe and Tony Randall to name a few. One of the current residents just happens to be a long time customer of ours.

“The Beresford is one of Emery Roth’s true masterworks and one of the greatest pieces of architecture from the golden age of New York City apartment design in the 1920’s. The new replica from InFocusTech picks up every detail of the building, and makes every element of this complex and beautiful design crystal clear. Like all of these replicas, it is a great study tool as well as souvenir.”
Paul Goldberger

Paul’s 1983 book, The Skyscraper was very influential to my rejuvenated interest in the tall building.
Thanks Paul!
Mike Merwine